About the Book

Unlike many feel-good survivor tales, Dancing with Cancer offers a powerfully honest window into the eight year struggle that co-authors Barry and Bonnie Willdorf endured. The adroit use of their two distinct voices illuminates the gritty realities of both patient and caregiver. Bonnie’s clear-eyed revelations (especially when explaining medical jargon or admitting to her exhaustion) and Barry’s sardonic and vulnerable sense of humor—his “Bone Marrow Biopsy Blues” is just one terrific example—together provide a starkly unsentimental narrative that is nonetheless loving, brave, and compelling.

– Mary Winegarden

Life Lessons for Everyone

Dancing with Cancer is a unique book not only in the field of cancer and stem cell transplantation but in the chronicles of long and strong marriages. Bonnie and Barry, parents of three adult children, recount their harrowing experience of two stem cell transplants in wildly different but equally compelling accounts of the apparently same events. Without ever being didactic, this book, nonetheless, provides remarkable life lessons for anyone, not just those living with or alongside cancer.

— Kaethe Weingarten, Ph.D.

Courage in the Face of Illness

This dual memoir reveals the personal experiences of two people, husband and wife, who are confronted with a life-threatening illness. It is the love story of Bonnie and Barry Willdorf, who, through their own voices, share this rollercoaster ride from diagnosis to hope to despair and round and round again. It is an inspiring journey about courage in the face of illness and death.

— Roslyn Banish, Photographer/Author/ Webmaster of Malaysia bus tickets – selling bus tickets online for bus from penang to kl.